Monday, October 27, 2014


Chana is doing about 40 Rashis on this parsha.  I estimate she knows the general idea of 80-90% and not very much of the vocabulary.  I think she would be able to read more than half and remember what they are generally about.

I made a choice in the story of Miriam's lashon hara about Moshe to just do pshat.  Chana didn't question extensively about the Kushite woman that Moshe married.  I did remind her that we had learned about Moshe's wife and that she was from Midian.  She did ask what that had to do with Miriam saying that they are all prophets.  But she didn't seem overly curious so I didn't give her more information.

In the last few days, I forgot to do Pirkei Avos with her (Did I mention that I decided to do a little bit of Pirkei Avos every day after Chumash?).  I put it away last week and I forgot about it.  She reminded me to do it today.  That's a good sign--it means that I'm doing it in a way that is pleasant enough to her that she asked to do it.

Sometimes she asks questions but doesn't have much patience for the answers. She asked, for example, what it means to make a fence around the Torah but she didn't really feel like thinking about what the possibilities could be.  Today I asked her what fences are for.  All the reasons she gave didn't seem relevant to a fence for Torah.

The main reason I chose to do Pirkei Avos is because many times in life I find myself thinking about personal development or about a political or interpersonal situation and some words of Pirkei Avos seem relevant to me.  So therefore it seems to me that if Chana is familiar with the words of Pirkei Avos, they might seem relevant to her in some of life's situations.

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