Thursday, July 31, 2014

Just an average homeschool day

"Vayedaber Hashem el Moshe..."

"Mommy, the sauce is finished!"
"And Hashem sai--"
"I'm putting it in recycling."
"And Hash--"
"Wash the jar out first."
"And Hashem spoke to Moshe in Midbar Sinai sayi--"
"Hey, look! It made like a very thin, lot of sauce!"  He's jiggling with excitement and the very thin lot of sauce is bouncing accordingly.
"Cool.  Pour it out before you recycle it."

Chana continues reading and translating.

"Where is a new sauce?"
"In the pantry, bottom right."  Chana continues.

"Where is the sauce?"
Chana pauses. "Does he forget right when he goes in?" she asked.
"Pantry, bottom right."  Chana continues.

"I can't find the sauce in the fridge."
Me: "Pantry, bottom right."
"Oooooh."  Chana continues.

"Mommy, I put my pizza in the toaster.  Can you turn it on?"  I get up and turn it on.

Chana continues reading and translating.  Elazar hanging literally on my shoulders like a baby koala waiting for pizza.  Pizza dings.  Chana pauses.  I get pizza.  I return.  Chana continues.

Jack says he wants pizza cooked second and the neighbor said that his little sister gets cooked second because they're cooking them in age order.  I say ok.  Chana continues.  Jack says, "Tell them!"  Chana is reading around him.  I nod.  Chana reads more.  "Tell them!!!" Jack insists.  I tell Jack to bring in his pizza.

Chana keeps translating.
"Mommy, where is the pizza cutter?" Chana pauses.
"Which one?"
"Black or gray?"
Chana gets exasperated.  "Elazar, I'm doing chumash now!"
Chana says, "How do you say black?"  I say, "Shachor."  She said, "Afor and Shachor sound similar."  "Yep."  Back to Chumash.

Aharon brings in his pizza.  He spilled the cheese.  I go get him new cheese.  I cook it.  Chana continues.
Jack comes in screaming, "Is Aharon's pizza second?!  Is it?  IS IT?!"
Chana: "I'm trying to do chumash!"
Jack is screaming.  Chana's reading.  It's hard to hear.  I tell Jack that I told him to bring his pizza, and he didn't.  Aharon did, so it's cooking.  Jack screams and Chana reads loudly, screaming over him.

Aharon's pizza dings and I give it to him.  Jack races after him, screaming, "Nooo! Don't eat it.  Mine has to be second!"  Aharon hesitates.  I say, "No, Aharon is allowed to eat it.  Aharon, take your pizza."  He does.  Jack starts racing after him.  I hold Jack.  He's shrieking.  I hold him until he says he will let Aharon eat his pizza.  I come back to Chumash.  Chana has disappeared.  I call her back.

Aharon brings in Jack's pizza for him.  He spills the cheese all over the floor.  I dump some of it back on.  Chana says, "Hey, you got up again."  She leaves again.  I put Jack's pizza in the oven.   I call Chana back.  We do Rashi.  Jack's pizza is done.  Chana says, "One more!  One more!  Just finish the Rashi!  Don't walk away!"  But I do or else I'll forget about it.

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