Wednesday, July 23, 2014

chazak chazak

We started Bamidbar today.  Three fairly simple rashis.  I wanted Chana to write an essay summarizing Vayikra.  She had no idea what an essay entailed.  I looked it up to get a clear way to explain it, and I realized that an essay has a thesis with well reasoned or provable points.  So we decided on a non-fiction piece of writing.

As I suspected, Chana's Hebrew writing is pretty abysmal.  Tonight we worked on form--that it be legible and well spaced, and correctly spelled, so that a reader can read it and understand it.

Chana pretty much asked me how to say everything.  When I told her, she pretty much asked me how to spell everything.  She did a careful job of writing it in a legible way.

I know that writing Hebrew is pretty low on my list of homeschool priorities.  But I do hope to work on it this year.  Hopefully once a week, we will sit down together and work on writing, and hopefully she'll get more able to write independently.  The real question is will I stick to this.  Ivrit is one of the subjects I haphazardly try things with and don't end up really following through.  I remember different workbooks and other things I've done here and there.  The same thing happened with Sarah (though I had her do Rosetta Stone, which she disliked so much that I didn't bother with Chana) and her skills were the poor side of average.  But I think Sarah and Chana would both be able to acquit themselves adequately in Israel if they needed to communicate.  And maybe I'll stick to this.  The boys are older this year, so maybe maybe I'll have some more time to work with Chana.  We shall see...

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