Sunday, April 27, 2014

How to make it more interesting..

Tonight Jack wanted "leaf" Torah.  We talked about what bracha a leaf would be.  Elazar suggested "ha'eitz," which I wonder about, since leaves are not normally eaten.  I then asked about basil, mint, and lemon balm, all of which we grow, and Elazar said "adama."

Then Jack asked if we can eat bugs.  Elazar said we can (physically), but it's not kosher.  Jack asked if we are still Jewish if we eat bugs.  I said yes, but we are over (not keeping) the mitzva.  He said he wanted to not keep the mitzva.

Then Elazar told me to choose Torah.  I told him the story of Yona, since it has choosing (the lottery).  He recognized the story when I got to the fish.

Then I was thinking about how Chana thinks Kedoshim is so boring, when I think it is a fascinating Parsha.  I was thinking that if I think it is so interesting, then how can I show that to Chana?  She doesn't like analyzing or asking questions when we are doing Chumash.  I remembered a class a friend of mine gave, almost two decades ago, about "Vahavta L'reyacha Kamocha."  (Probably reminded by "re'ah.")  It was a simple enough concept, but he led us through asking questions to the point where it was a really interesting process.  Maybe I can think of something that we can ask questions about that Chana will find interesting.

While I was musing, Elazar mumbled, "More Torah!!"  He told me to pick.  I chose the se'ir l'Hashem and l'Azazel and the lottery.

I'd like to think of a good bunch of pesukim in Parshas Kedoshim for Chana to ask questions about.

One possibility is (19:3): A man should fear his mother and his father, and keep my Shabboses; I am Hashem your Gd.

Another (19:37): And you should guard all my statutes and all my mishpatim and do them; I am Hashem.

Another (20:3): And I will put my face in that person and I will cut him off from his nation, because he gave from his children to Molech, in order to tameh My mikdash and to desecrate My holy name.

I guess I'll see how it goes..

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