Monday, December 2, 2013

vayikra project

1/10 of an eipha.  How much is an eipha, Chana would like to know.

I google it in English.  No results.  I google it in Hebrew.  Vikidictionary tells me an eipha is 3 se'as (se'im).  At this point I'm thinking I might have seen this in the Stone Chumash.  It's not.

I also remember a rashi that had all of these amounts, somewhere in Shmos.  Chana didn't process it because she was disliking math at that time.  Back to

Vikipedia has a list of measurements, volumes and weights in halacha.  A se'ah is 6 kavim.  A kav is 4 lugim and a lug is 6 eggs.  And I heard of an egg.  So very roughly an eipha is 300 eggs (unless my arithmetic is off, totally possible, just let me know and I'll edit) and 1/10 of that is 30 egg-ish.

Naturally, Chana is not interested in the answer anymore.

Maybe tomorrow.


Something I've been thinking about (we are in shishi of Vayikra) is that I don't think that Chana is really getting all these different korbanos.  She's getting ok at translating, but seeing it as a whole, and seeing the different types of korbanos--I'm not sure how much she's getting the bigger picture.  So I was thinking about some sort of project.  Maybe drawing pictures of each category.  Maybe making a table or chart.

I suggested it to Chana and she was extremely against it.  She said she understands it all, and if she doesn't, she asks me.  But I don't think her being able to technically translate it actually means she understands it.

All of my suggestions sounded not fun and annoying to her.

Finally I suggested some type of game, maybe a matching game.  She was fairly amenable to that but I don't think she wants to do it--maybe she would be willing to play it if I would do it.  I really want to think of some type of enjoyable activity that would help her process the information and categorize it.


  1. "I don't think that Chana is really getting all these different korbanos." What exactly do you mean by this? What is the goal when learning about korbanos? Are you just seeking a basic factual understanding or something more?