Friday, December 6, 2013

chazak vayikra

Instead of chazara, I insisted that Chana make some sort of document or table or graph.

We still have to do rashis.  We did about 37 rashis on this parsha.

Chana was rather opposed to the idea of doing any form of project, oaktag, pictures, graphs, tables or anything like that.

And I wanted her to have an overall sense of what was covered in the parsha.  So what I did was look at each paragraph in the Chumash and dictate the type of korban, who brings it, and what animal it is.  This is what she wrote (you can probably guess which parts I didn't dictate):

Olah: cattle male
Olah: sheep male (look at that! They are both male how interesting)
Olah: dove or baby dove

Mincha: fine flour, oil, Frankenstein (frankincense), fist full,
Mincha: baked in oven
Mincha: griddle
Mincha: deep dish

No chametz, no honey

Korban raishes (shavuos)
Rashi two breads and first fruits

Salt on every korban

Mincha becurim (rashi) mincha of the omar (barley)

Shlumim (peace offering) cattle male or female (:O?)
Shlumim sheep male or female

I think it’s time to stop

No eating fat or blood (ew who would?)

Chatas (sin offering)

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog haha im not looking at the keyboard nanananana

Chatas cohen is cow son cow (duck?)
Chatas senhendren (old people :3) cow son cow (equal to cohen?)

Yes break! (thank you aharon)

Chatas president (nasi) male goat
Chatas regular person female goat
Chatas sheep female sheep (no one?)
Chatas witness or tomai or swears falsely female sheep or goat OR if you cannot afford it two doves or two baby doves (one chatas or one olah) ORRRRRR can’t afford THAT 1/10 of an afah (300something eggs (eggs?) ) fine flour no oil no Frankenstein (frankincense)

ASHAM (guilt offering) betray god accidently with kodesh ram, worth 2 silver shekel pay back it + 1/5
Asham mitsvos you should not do and didn’t realize.. uhh.. ram 2 silver shekel
Asham betrayed god, denied his friend, in a pledge, or giving a loan, or stealing, or fraudery, or found something and lied, or swore falsely (this is why we don’t swear we PROMISE), return + 1/5 RAM 2 silver shekel

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