Sunday, November 10, 2013

night time learning dry bones and vampires

Chanoch L'na'ar Al Pi Darko

Elazar is very interested in Super Mario Bros.  He spends a lot of time playing it on game cube, on the computer, and watching videos of people playing it.  Today he printed out a picture of Dry Bones to color and hung it on his ceiling (he has a bunk bed).

So tonight I told him about the Navi Yechezkal, and the prophecy of the dry bones.  He was talking about Dry Bones, and I said I would tell him about dry bones in the Torah.  He could not believe it was in the Torah.  I told him about it.  He was mildly disappointed the skeletons were human form and not turtle form, but overall he loved it.

Then he asked if there were vampires in the Torah.  And I told him about the prohibition of eating blood.