Wednesday, November 13, 2013

chazak chazak v'nischazek!

Chana finished Shmos.  I fished out Sarah's Vayikra.  Chana prefers a different version, with wider spaced words and the rashi with nekudos.  But I only have the classic version, so we will start with that and see how much she complains.  Maybe now that she is older she will find it less overwhelming; maybe she's artistic and her aesthetic sense is offended and she is sensitive to layout and learns better with a different sefer.

We like to give a gift for finishing the sefer.  Sarah's 5 gifts were:
Bereshis: jewelry
Shmos: camera
Vayikra: (we can't remember! maybe a new DS?)
Bamidbar: cell phone
Devarim: laptop

Chana got a laptop for Bereshis.  True, we were starting at the top.  But Chana is a very serious animator and needed it for her work.  I asked her what she wants for Shmos.  She didn't want to go out to eat, because that doesn't last.  I was trying to decide... a dress?  Jewelry?  She said she doesn't really want anything.

Then I had a brainstorm.  She has been asking for Japanese language software recently.  So I think that will be her siyum present.

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