Thursday, June 13, 2013

learning via conversation

Chana did some chazara of shevi'i in the car on the way to parkour, and then had a playdate, and isn't getting home until 10pm, at which time I will not be doing new pesukim with her.

Elazar and I had a delightful learning session tonight.  I'm still on the 4th mitzva (based on the Sefer Chinuch) with him (as I mentioned, I'm unschooling him, giving him a sense of mitzvos via discussion) and so I told him a little more about the gid hanashe, about Yaakov and Eisav, about nevua vs tefila, how we are mispallel, malachim, Yaakov's strength as indicated by his lifting the rock on top of the well (this because Elazar felt Yaakov was strong and would beat the Malach in a fight), how the malach struck the gid hanashe, how we don't eat it on a cow, how the entire pig is not kosher vs just that part of the cow, how we have comparable body parts to animals, which led to me promising to go research how a starfish gets oxygen and run right up and tell him (through its tube feet).  He also wanted to know if it was possible to cook humans and eat them (yes, but we aren't kosher).  Tomorrow, if I remember, I'll show him a diagram of the sciatic nerve.

I just googled "sciatic nerve images" and got a bunch of diagrams on where it is on a human.  Then I googled "sciatic nerve cow" and there is (oddly) on diagram of a human among all the cow pictures.  So I'll show those to Elazar next time it comes up and he'll be able to see the comparison.

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