Wednesday, March 6, 2013

not for the ADHD

It often happens when Chana and I sit down to chumash, that suddenly Jack and Aharon begin bouncing on us, jumping on us, sitting on our laps, pulling our hair, pinching, pulling, playing, needing something.  It's hard enough for Chana to work her way through difficult passages and Rashis, and having the little ones squirming on top of us, vying for attention, does not help!

That is one of those homeschool things.  I used to do Chumash only when the littlest one was napping.  Now, although Aharon still naps, he's old enough to play happily by himself during the day, so I don't rush to do it during naptime.  And to be fair, today it was Aharon, but just as frequently it is Jack, who is 3, who suddenly needs to be snuggled and talked to and played with.  Sometimes it is both of them.

Sometimes there is a LOT going on when we are trying to do Chumash.  What I usually do in those cases is take a little break (often with Chana), and we all wrestle around on the floor, roughhousing and giggling and giving them lots of attention.  And then they go off and we can go back to Chumash.  If we don't do that, we usually do Chumash with them hanging off of me (or her) and interrupting every few seconds.

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