Thursday, April 5, 2012

lice before pesach

in retrospect, getting lice a few days before pesach worked out great.  not only because of the real life lesson of the makkos.  but also because chana and i made a bargain.  i wouldn't whine and groan too much and keep threatening to cut her VERY long hair (my sister joked that really long hair becomes "really REALLY" long hair when dealing with lice, and long hair becomes VERY long hair) and in exchange, she would do chumash every time i combed out her hair.  combing out her hair 3x a day, 45 min each time, and we got a lot of chumash done :-)  we did chazara, rashis, and some new pesukim.  we did through revi'i, and reviewed it enough times that i feel like she had enough time to process it.  we started on the brachos.  chana is disturbed that reuven lost the kehuna and malchus.  (side note: i remember the translations somewhat from when sarah and i did it together).  sarah and i did a massive project on oaktag on the brachos.  chana and i will be referring to it.

the rashis we've chosen have pretty simple language.

chana decided that over pesach, she will choose when to do chumash and for how long.

how would homeschoolers get lice?  we must be socializing somewhere.

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