Sunday, April 22, 2012

brachos of yaakov

man, these brachos are difficult!  but they are much easier second time around!  i had to figure out pshat with sarah.  and now with all the chazara chana is doing, by the time i get to the boys, i'm going to know it pretty well!  nice how teaching the kids helps me improve. :-)

i found some good rashis that help understand the pshat.  so we did those.  

and i was about to write: "and we did rashi" when i realized it's after 9pm and i forgot to get back to rashi!!  yikes and grr.  it's been taking her 25 min to do the rashis in vayechi (we are up to yehuda's bracha)  but that's with translations and i think she's ready to just do a read-through in hebrew.  the way we've been doing it recently is after she has been translating them pretty well, we get to the point where if she doesn't understand a word, but she knows the general concept of the rashi, that's fine and she just reads it in hebrew.  sometimes she'll ask me for a specific word because she'll want to know the one or 2 words she doesn't remember.  but i've been feeling like if she knows the jist by reading the hebrew, then that's fine.

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