Thursday, June 9, 2016

erev erev shavuos

I made menus, but have I cooked for the 3 day yontif?  I have not.  Shopping isn't complete, either.  Tomorrow is a loooong Friday and I will be cooking on the chag.  I have to choose between being tense pre-chag but having things done beforehand, or not having so much to do pre-chag but then cooking a lot on the chag.  Different years I make different choices.  Pros and cons to both.

So today I was out all day.  Proctoring, teacher's meeting (I know I'm a homeschooler but I teach one chumash class a day at the local girls' high school and today it took up all day).  Then I came home and the shoes I had ordered for Aharon were too small so I took him to buy more shoes.  Luckily both Sarah and Chana were around all day so I had childcare.

My plan was to work with Chana at 7pm.  Chana came down at about 7:10, and then things were happening, and we started at 7:25.  Aharon is supposed to start bedtime routine at 7:30 because every night for the last month he's been crying himself to sleep and bedtime consists of him completely losing his shiz.  But tonight I'm trying to get in Bio, TSBP (Rambam on lashon hara but we moved into the next batch of interpersonal halachos in the perek), and I recently picked up Rambam's intro to the Talmud which is a short blue book with his understanding of a lot of parts of torah she baal peh so I figured let's see if Chana finds it interesting and we've only read about 4 pages but so far so good.  And I wanted to do Animal Farm.

In the middle of this, it turns out that my darling husband fed himself dinner and went to shiur, which is great.  But he ate the pasta Elazar asked for and then there wasn't any.  My sister, who is visiting for Shavuos, was kind enough to make him dinner.  And I was in the middle of making chicken and rice for Chana and Jack.

So I'm trying to make dinner, trying to teach Chana, trying to put Aharon to bed, would love to get started on Shavuos cooking but folks, that just ain't happening tonight.  I got through some of Chana's work.  I got through dinner and Jack dropped his chicken on the table, the chair, and the floor.  I told him to clean it up and went to put Aharon to bed.

Bedtime went well.  Aharon (5) asked to read The Carrot Seed because he can read it himself.  He also asked to do aleph beis.  He hasn't made huge progress.  He knows about 6 of the letters.  But it was nice sitting with him.  Then when I said it's time for bed, the screaming began and he cried himself to sleep.

I'd still like to read Animal Farm with Chana.  I'd like to clean up the table.  Forget cooking.  Oh, and I forgot to eat dinner.  And the only reason I didn't lose my cool this evening is because my sister rescued me.

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