Wednesday, March 2, 2016

day 3 of not nagging

It's 6:45 and I haven't brought up schoolwork with Chana.  She was out today so she's probably recuperating (#introvert) so she might not think about schoolwork until I'm in the middle of bedtime with the littles.  It's Wednesday night when we usually read Dracula together, so we'll probably do that at about 9:30.

Either Chana and I will get into a better dynamic where she takes charge of time management and arranging when we will work together.  Or I will crack and probably speak to her in an irrational and ineffective manner.  I'm aiming for when I do crack, to speak calmly and just ask her to pick a time to work with me that day.

I am trying to avoid me being the timekeeper because a) it's no fun and then I'm the annoying meanie who interferes in her life and b) she's not doing things for her own sake.

The reason I'm in conflict about that and still dragging my feet on 100% unschooling is because deep down, I worry that she will not hit the books as hard if she doesn't do it regularly and frequently.  But as I write this, I wonder why I worry.  Do we really need to do Bio so frequently?  If she likes it and it is interesting, she will want to learn it.  Why hassle her?

Yes, I worry about the Torah piece.  But our recent learning has been very pleasant together.

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