Thursday, August 20, 2015

Another flip flop

Since the last time I thought about Elazar's Torah and decided that the discipline would be good for him, he's been reluctant to do it and has a really hard time getting through the 5 minutes and is very impatient for it to be over.  I started having him do 5 jumping jacks before we start, as the latest research says that ADHD kids need to move (duh!) and it does help keep him from being so wiggly.  BUT it's beginning to feel like I am single-handedly destroying his desire to learn Torah by making him do 5 minutes a day.  And what is he gaining?  Bekius?  How much of this is he processing?  And the cost is dread.

So I'm going to ease off.  I'm going to start putting the halacha yomi emails into their own folder.  And when he wants or if he asks, they will be there.

We have about 2 weeks left to the summer and we are in the middle of Re'eh.  We are about halfway through the sefer.  All things being equal I would have liked to be done with Sefer Devarim before Chana goes to high school.  But I guess we'll keep plugging til we finish.

We are reading Hamlet right now.  We read an act together every day.  I'm the Ghost.  She's Hamlet.

Jack read quite a few pages from Little Bear yesterday.  Yet again, I put him to bed too late for him to do all the work he wanted to do and he got upset.  The night runs away with me and bedtime is a little out of control these days.  Tonight in theory I plan to get him upstairs at 9 so he can work for an hour.  But will I?

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