Thursday, February 6, 2014

increasing independence

I noticed today that I am not really sure what Chana does in chazara.  She has her schedule of which aliyos she does and which days she does what.  She asks me for words when she needs them.  I hope that she understands and is translating accurately, but she no longer wants me to sit next to her and hear her do it.

As a homeschooler, I'm often asked about tests.  You don't test?  How do you know if they know the material?

That always struck me as funny because I'm sitting right next to her and I can see and hear if she knows it or doesn't.

But with Chumash nowadays I don't.  We are still doing rashi together and new pesukim.  But there are some pesukim I'm not sure if she is translating properly as a whole, or some words that mean things most of the time but once in a while is a different meaning.  I think "timeh" might mean sprinkle or pour once in a while or something like that.  In theory I can be on top of those things and ask her to run through those pesukim so I can hear and make sure.  Usually, though, these things slip through the cracks.

I have to go look up pictures of "warp" and "woof" so that I can explain or show them to Chana.  They are coming up.

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