Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rashi: the movie

chana finished camp last week.  while she was in camp, we were doing chumash every friday and monday in the car to and from visiting my parents.  we would do chazara of one aliya, some new pesukim, and rashi.  this would take roughly an hour or more.  i found it pretty disjointed to do it so infrequently.  it was hard to remember what we had done last time.  but i wanted to keep up with the skills.

now we've slipped right back in to our routine.  today we began shvi'i of va'era.  chana was browsing the "on demand" options of the DVR, and she happened across the "shalom network."  that was pretty exciting.  even more exciting, she found a movie called "Rashi."  we decided to watch it the next day.

it turns out it was an animation movie based on R' Berel Wein's writings, giving a historical perspective.  chana, being extremely knowledgeable in animation, observed the art and how it was done.  we both enjoyed watching it together, pausing frequently for me to fill her in on historical details or for her to ask a question.  we started it after 10pm, and it was an hour.  i was tired but chana kept pushing for us to watch more. 

it was very special because she got a sense of why i emphasize rashi so much. 


  1. There is a book from Feldheim available, based on the stills from this movie. My boys liked it, but I thought it was subpar.

  2. what would you have wanted to see improved?

    in the movie i particularly liked the sense of history, the portrayal of his relationship with his daughters, and how beloved he was by the community, how he was as a leader and certain decisions that he made that demonstrated true torah values, and his relationship to his grandchildren. i liked that chana could see how beloved he was and how his scholarship had a profound impact at the time and for generations, and it gave her an idea of why she spends so much time on it. (the actual art was not overwhelming to me, but chana is very involved in animation and she found it very interesting and noted details, expressions, and movements.)